Thursday, 13 September 2012

Debut of Pink Is For Girls

Hey! I am the author of this blog, Pink Is For Girls, where i post things about fashion, life, makeup, boys and whats definitely hot.
I am 13 this year, so yes, I will be able to relate to you because i'm not some 30 year old woman.
I hope you enjoy this blog, follow it, or read it daily :)

Get to know me:
My name is Pearl.
I am 13 this year. (2012)
I like the colour pink.
I am straight :)
I go to high school.
I don't have a boyfriend :'(
I am religous, but not much.
My hair is curly and I HATE IT!
I think the best feature of my face are my lips.

Okay, I didn't say much because I don't want to get stalked. (Well duh)
But I hope it was enough for you to get to know me :)

Miss P